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  • Tanks A Lot Aquariums West Palm Beach Aquarium Mantenance Tropical Fish Lake Worth Aquarium Palm Beach
  • Tanks A Lot Aquariums West Palm Beach Aquarium Mantenance Tropical Fish Lake Worth Aquarium Palm Beach

About Us

Tanks A Lot has been providing aquarium service for South Florida for the last 15 years and has earned a reputation for our superior customer service and attention to detail. At Tanks A Lot we believe that an aquarium is a piece of living art that can add beauty to any room in your home or office.  While relaxing in front of the aquarium and watching the amazing diversity of marine life interact you cannot help but feel a sense of peace and wonder.

Tanks A Lot specializes in all types of aquariums both saltwater and freshwater and prides itself on being able to find an aquarium to fit any budget.  We create predator tanks, living reef tanks, seahorse and pipefish tanks, and are starting to do jellyfish tanks.  Tanks A Lot can design the right aquarium for you, from a beginner tank in your child’s room to a 2000 gallon custom aquarium in the boardroom. We have worked on many construction projects with both the architects and cabinetmakers to help design aquariums that would look beautiful as well as provide an ideal environment for their marine life. We pride ourselves in providing a great selection of quality livestock and personalized customer service. Our team members have a passion to build relationships with our customers. We understand our customers high expectations and we strive to exceed them with our attention to detail. This is more than just a business for us, it is a lifelong hobby.

Tanks A Lot has a service department.  Our technicians are available to provide any level of service required by our customers.  We service aquariums anywhere from 3 times a week to once a month.  The more frequent services allow the customer to enjoy the aquarium with no more responsibilities than feeding the fish while the less frequent visits aid the experienced hobbyist with some detail work they may need done. Convenient water deliveries and emergency services are also always available to all our customers. We specialize in custom aquarium installations, maintenance, consulting, and living reef systems.

Tanks A Lot also has a showroom and retail store that is stocked with exotic fish and corals that can be delivered to you if needed.  With the recent advances in filtration made by aquarists all over the world keeping an aquarium beautiful is easier than ever before.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about purchasing your own aquarium.  We also offer free consultations to your home or office to help you find that perfect spot for your tank.  Let your underwater journey begin with us.

We encourage our customers to come visit our store to:

  1. Expand aquarium knowledge
  2. Purchase supplies, foods, equipment
  3. Hand pick livestock
  4. Test water parameters
  5. Upgrade equipment

Our service programs are geared to providing a healty marine habitat in your aquarium. We service commercial and residential locations throughout South Florida. Our trucks are a mobile aquarium supply outlet and they also carry large amounts of saltwater and RO DI water so no job is to large. Delivery of dry goods and livestock is available when you setup a service program.

The detail of our programs are:

  1. Test water chemistry
  2. Algae removal on glass and internal structures
  3. Water change / water delivery
  4. Clean filter media, protein skimmer, glass tops, lighting fixtures
  5. Deliver purchased goods (food, fish, carbon, supplies, trace elements, etc.)
  6. Visual check of equipment, air and water flow
  7. Visual check on health of  fish, corals, invertebrates
  8. Remove debris and sift sand bottom
  9. Work with your schedule for appointments
  10. aquarium service for South Florida